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      About CSS Professional Development

girl_with_blocks              Boy Listening in Class --- Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis               Pre-Teen Students --- Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis

CSS courses, workshops and presentations are outcome-oriented and highly interactive. All CSS professional development services are designed to help educators examine their teaching approach to students with learning differences and determine successful ways to manage all students with whom they work.

All CSS courses include the following elements:

new-star Neurodevelopmental perspective of teaching and learning;
new-star Exploration of new concepts through structured exercises and experiences;
new-star Opportunities to process and practice new ideas; and
new-star Creation of specific action plans to immediately incorporate and implement new concepts into professional practice.

Over the past 13 years, CSS has shown that by describing observable behaviors rather than labeling students  (e.g., “ADD”, “dyslexic”, “lazy”), teachers can address specific areas of weakness by leveraging their students’ strengths.   Successful outcomes allow students to identify positively with success, rather than internalize failure and identify with stigmatizing labels.

The CSS course broadened the ways I look at students’ strengths and challenges. I believe that I am more effective in identifying accommodations to meet student needs.I am more aware of the demands of a lesson and can anticipate the different ways my students may have difficulties and accommodate accordingly.

Commitment to Sustainability

CSS course instruction offers distinctive learning and instructional tools, along with a specially designed, neurodevelopmental approach that facilitates teachers’ abilities to help their students experience measurable success in school and in life.

CSS Specializes in Customized Services

The Center for School Success welcomes the opportunity to create customized, on-site professional development programs for schools or districts. Contact CSSregarding this option, as availability may be limited. References from past recipients are provided upon request.

CSS developed a training program specific to our needs. They used proven methods of instruction, listened to staff, responded knowledgeably and respectfully and kept the content relevant to the needs of the group. – Curriculum Coordinator, Hartland, VT