cropped-footerreachinglogo.jpgThe Center for School Success (CSS) is an educational non-profit established in 2003 and now located in  Lebanon, New Hampshire. All CSS services are designed to help students, parents, teachers and health care providers understand specific breakdowns in learning, while shifting focus from what individuals can’t do to what they can do. CSS believes that students need to know how they learn best; teachers and health care professionals need to know how to address the unique strengths and needs of students; and parents need to know how to support their children’s learning strengths and challenges.

CSS acts as an “incubator” to address current needs of the community in an intentional, systematic manner. In other words, CSS utilizes its expertise and professional relationships to frame a need, create options, test out the service, program or product with key partners, refine as necessary based on data and feedback, and then present a sustainable solution that builds the capacity of those with whom they work (student, family, school, organization).

Over the years, CSS has grown to be a valuable resource not only in the Upper Valley  (NH & VT), but regionally and nationally as well. For example, since its inception, CSS has provided day-long, individualized, transdisciplinary learning assessments for well over 200 students and their families. While this service is no longer available, CSS now offers student learning consultations that use a combination of  record review, one-on-one meeting with the child and family as well as information gained about the student from CSS‘ newly designed Health and Learning Questionnaire.

As an organization CSS has diverse strengths that can contribute to meaningful partnerships. CSS has partnered with numerous and varied organizations (e.g., schools, districts, communities, non-profits, hospitals) to implement its programs and services. CSS has also worked directly with educators representing 48 schools in 39 school districts and has had multi-year contracts with 9 local schools to provide customized weekly/monthly school-based support. CSS has professional development to 4000+ educators (workshops, seminars, courses, etc.). In addition, CSS is committed to educating the broader community about the different ways in which students learn, and, as such has given presentations to more than 4500 teachers, parents and students along with regularly publishing “Learning Tips”. CSS also maintains an informative website with links to a wide variety of health and learning resources.

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