How Do I Know If A CSS Consultation Is Appropriate for My Child?

cropped-footerreachinglogo-1.jpgAs children grow and develop, they encounter many different types of learning opportunities. It would be unrealistic to expect all students to excel at everything in school all the time. Sooner or later, most children face learning situations for which their brains simply aren’t wired. Does it seem as if your child has “hit a wall” regarding his/her progress in school?

If so, you may want to consider a Consultation provided by the Center for School Success (CSS). A CSS Consultation is designed to address school-related concerns and is tailored to the individual student. The purpose of the Consultation is to identify, understand and describe variations in a student’s learning – for example, why a student can be successful with certain tasks and not with others.

The Consultation process examines a student’s learning patterns across different contexts. Those patterns are then linked to a student’s strengths and challenges to better understand how s/he learns best and why s/he struggles in a specific situation and/or with a specific task (e.g., reading, writing, math, organization). In addition, practical strategies are developed to make the most of a student’s unique “kind-of-mind” regarding the area of concern.

You may want to consider a CSS Consultation if any of the following apply to your child:

  • is a student in second grade – college
  • has been experiencing learning difficulties for more than one school year
  • does not qualify for special education services, but is struggling in his/her classroom setting
  • has a hard time following directions
  • does not seem to memorize information easily (e.g., math facts, spelling words)
  • finds it difficult to express his/her ideas in writing
  • can read the words in a textbook, but can’t summarize what (s)he read
  • works too quickly or too slowly on certain types of tasks
  • struggles to complete homework within the given time-frame
  • does better on homework than on quizzes/tests
  • does not always know what is important to study for a test
  • has difficulty starting work, staying on task or finishing assignments

If you think a CSS Consultation may be appropriate for your child, please contact: Nancee E. Tracy, EdM, Program Coordinator by phone: (603) 298-6700 or by email:

A CSS Consultation focuses primarily on learning challenges within the general classroom and therefore is not suitable for children with more complex needs. For example, CSS does not address significant emotional or behavioral conditions.Children with significantly delayed cognitive skills would benefit from specialized evaluations related to their needs.

CSS does not provide IQ testing or standardized achievement testing. CSS does not use labels (e.g., “learning disability”, “ADHD”) in our reports. Consequently, CSS Consultations are not designed to determine eligibility for special education services.

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