Learning Consultations

footerreachinglogoA Center for School Success (CSS) Consultation is designed to address school-related concern(s) – that is, why can a student be successful with certain tasks and not with others? The purpose of the CSS consultation process is to identify, describe, and understand variations in a student’s learning. The process includes identification of a student’s learning patterns in different contexts. Those patterns are then linked to a student’s strengths and challenges to better understand when he learns best and why he is struggling in a specific context and/or task. In addition, practical strategies are offered to make the most of a student’s unique “kind-of-mind” regarding the specific area of concern.

In order to individualize the process for each student, CSS seeks multiple perspectives regarding the student’s skills and achievements and also requests a variety of background information. Aside from the student completing the CSS questionnaire prior to his/her one-on-one meeting with the Learning Specialist, CSS may also request previous evaluation reports, standardized test scores, school work samples, report cards and discussions with parents/teachers. The collected data and meeting with the student are then analyzed based on CSS clinical and classroom experience, current research, and the emerging science in the field of learning. Finally, a brief written summary is shared with the student and family.

PLEASE NOTE: CSS services focus primarily on learning issues within the general classroom, so the model is not suitable for students with more complex needs.

  • Students with significantly delayed cognitive abilities would benefit from specialized evaluations related to their needs. Your pediatrician should be able to refer you to a developmental evaluation facility in your area.
  • CSS does not address significant emotional or behavioral challenges. If this is your primary concern, please contact a mental health professional.

Cost: $250. Includes record review, online learning questionnaire, 1 hour consultation with your child and a written summary. Additional consultation services are billed on an hourly basis ($100/hour).

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